Topic of 9/20: Inane Japanese Trivia

"Neko wo kaburu"
For you Japanese savvies, literally, this means "to wear a cat (on your head)". However, when this phrase is used, it would most likely mean "to act as a goody-goody" or something along the like.
How this started is not fully known, but from what I heard, someone saw how cats purr and 'act out' being cute to get food or deceive enemies. So when a human did a similar thing, he was accused of wearing a 'cat's mask', which eventually shaped up to become the modern Japanese proverb "to wear a cat (on your head)". Although, when exposed to the culture of Japanese entertainment, it is probably very easy to make the mistake of implying it literally... nyo.

Topic of 9/14: Back home

Finally finished Summer Quarter in college... Packed up my shtuffs and got the heck out!! Of course, then I received word that someone close to me passed away in Taiwan... Had to fly there to at least pay a visit to his grave. I'll most certainly miss him.

But now I'm back home and must get ready for the Autumn Quarter. I hate to pack up again...