Topic of 7/30: How to Annoy A Roommate I

Strider 2... a game I both love, and now fear...
I introduced this game to some old friends of mine one day. They instantly fell in love with Hiryu. Now they come up more often to play Strider 2. It's been pretty much the standard background noise in my room with the sweet soundtrack of the game, which is ok with me. But it also comes with the bonus sounds of enemies screaming and exploding and Hiryu's "HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!" whenever he attacks.
I want to sleep...

Topic of 7/22: Tsu's Idiocity

I don't know if this happens to everyone, but forgetfulness is a serious(?) problem for me. The reason I go to every, single, lecture classes at college is so I could take notes, for I know I will not remember anything if I don't. You see, I'm not exactly the 'smart' type who could pull off an A blind folded...
Those are fine. I have my notes to guide me. The real problem lies in my everyday activities. For instance, I'd take a shower, wash my hair, and rinse it. A few seconds later, I'm not too sure if I washed my hair or not. So I'd wash it again. Sometimes the cycle continues... I must be the fastest shampoo consuming being alive.

Topic of 7/14: Legend of Mana

Gyuuuuuuuuu, and I thought Saga Frontier 2 had great 2D graphics... By the way, this is not a review, for I have no skill to do so. But Jinghis Christ!! The visuals are so artful!! Everything from the character design, landscape, architecture, and the special effects are such that I want to stuff them in my pockets and scurry on home. And PERFECT music accompaniment!! Except for a few tones, there are very little that I don't like about its soundtrack. The biggest challenge for me was to complete all the quests in the game... flow charts, flow charts. I suck.sigh... It seems to me that this game is more 'free scenario'-ish than the Saga series, non? But, thanks for the battle system, it is virtually impossible to game over in this game, so even a dolt like me who has no hand-eye coordination can still safely beat this game. Well, maybe not so safely... Curse you Square, for not letting dorky cactus boy from upstairs to become an NPC!!

Topic of 7/6: Physical Examinations

When one works at a hospital, interesting stories are floating everywhere. Now, I'm assuming all of you have had physicals taken sometime in your life, whether it be for sports, traveling, applications, or because your parents made you to(????).

For those who haven't, Dr. Tsu will explain... Apparently the procedure is the same for males and females alike. A doctor would slap on some rubber gloves and feel your neck, your breasts, your waist, your chest, and finally, your genitals. Yes, they make you pull your pants down all the way. And, even better, the doctors have a *special* method for your genitalia. yep. He/she would carefully rub it, hold it still, rub some more, and ask you to turn your head and cough. Scary huh? >=] At least they don't sniff it...

The story I heard was about a friend of a friend of mine. He was to take a physical for applying to a foreign university. His doctor was a young woman. I can't imagine getting examed by the opposite sex... but, lucky him!! It wasn't like he had a choice. According to my friend, she was a good looking doctor too. Also accordingly, the poor fella became kinda excited when he was being touched around the chest area, "catching some glimpse of her cleavage". Then, the ultimate trial...
"Okay, Mr. ________, would you lower your pants just a little please?"
"I... I don't think I can..."
"It's okay. You don't have to be embarrased. I'm trained to do this."
".......ok." Luckily, at this point, he was only half 'awakening'. But as the doctor started rubbing...
"...Mr. ________, PLEASE, don't make this difficult."

I don't even feel like making a conclusion to this story.

Topic of 7/1: Chinese Food

I am hooked on Chinese Food. Currently I'm at a point that I'd go berserk unless I have one Chinese dinner each week. I am so 'collge student'. I do enjoy Americanized Chinese, sure. But I really crave the REAL thing. Especially Hong-kong style 'Yam-tza' cuisines: i.e. 'Xiao-mai', 'Ha-gkao', etc. (spelling probably totally screwed up). Once a quarter, my best friend and I would make like Road Trip, and travel up to Toronto for the China Town over there. Just to eat.
PECKING DUCK has got to be the most scrumptious thing that my teeth have ever touched. It was just one evening, but I can still vividly taste it in my mouth... I don't know, it was probably like $5 per bite for that thing. It's not something you can pick up like pizza, that's for sure.