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(in alphabetical order of website title)
Art Sites
Aiyoku --Uzume
Bishounen Cadillac. Need I say more? Awesome shoujo manga style art in a nifty layout.
Art of Dreams --Artemueler & Latsami
A site openned by our favorite colorist Latsami and artist Artemueler!!
CG Tutorial Links Collection --Orii (Japanese)
Many many many many many many many ways to use Photoshop & Painter
Eden --Chan
A young artist with insane talent. Not to mention godly speed of finishing them up...
Jhiend's Rock --Jhiend
Toki no Daichi, Twin Signal, fanfics, music compositions(!) and other awesome manga media!!
L i a n --Lian
Kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii... Soft-touched illustrations
Monthly Mecha Fighting Tournament --Katsura
Awesome layout!! Also see some nifty mechs from across the universe gathered here.
Pendako --Naska Chizoue & John Kim
Wonderful place to visit with STUNNING artwork from 'The Stem Above'!!
Tasty Graphite --Laine
Awesome illustrations with her self-developed, unique style.
Turnip Field --Turnip Sue
Very beautiful, stylish, and cutish style artwork!! Just take it easy on the caffeine, Sue...
The Uh-Oh Dojo --Bananaton
The ace of spades when it comes to black&white pics, grotesque juggernauts to kawaii cat girls

Game Sites
Ear Mouse --Ellcrys
What was formally called My Self-Indulgence Page. Cool art, music, jokes, rambles...
Gamers Republic --miscellaneous
Videogames, Anime, Comics, and Movies
The GIA --miscellaneous
Kick arse all-around videogame site!!
The Northern Crater --Ellcrys
A fan page for bishonens (^^;. Sephiroth and Laguna shrines
"Test Page" --Link 65
Magnet Man greets!! A list of games that he have and his FF8 log
Toasty Frog Jump! --J.Parish
Toasty Frog, Rorita, game/anime media, infamous hysterical thumbnail theatre, etc. Must see!!