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Name: Nami
Class: Mage (student of)
Gender: Female
Likes: Dancing, Animation media, BeMani series
Dislikes: Exams, spiders and 9th Angel

The absolutely necessary cover girl of this station. Absolute.
Pretty much the ego and heart of Mu Tsunami.
Name: Tama-kun
Class: Tadpole
Gender: Male
Likes: Any major/minor brand snacks, toasters
Dislikes: Being called Tama-chan.

Despite his looks, takes infinite pride in his masculinity.
Goes berserk when called '-chan'.
Name: Mu Tsunami
Class: College student & elementary school teacher
Age: 19
Likes: Gaming, doodling, sleeping, snow skiing, etc. etc.
Dislikes: Oyster sauce

Feared by many. A laughing stock for others.
Currently lacks a television set. And shoes...
Name strategically chosen to spell Tsunami's real name when arranged differently...

e-mail: gltsunami@hotmail.com